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You are here because you want to look at how you can maximise opportunities to grow your business into something substantial. You are in the right place.

With 50 years’ industrial experience and as former owner of award-winning PP Control & Automation, a business I built up to a turnover of £23 million and over 230 employees, you can trust in the knowledge and experience I have attained in that time.

I hope to bring clarity of strategy to businesses that are well positioned and ready for rapid expansion as well as those that are in recovery mode.

Are you a ‘micro’ business (up to 10 people) looking to stabilise and grow?

Are you an SME keen to move into ‘Mittelstand’ territory?

Are you a national manufacturer looking to develop new sales processes?

Navigating economic turmoil

I want to help firms navigate their way through the ups and downs of modern-day economic turmoil and target new growth opportunities. I have had to navigate through three recessions myself, and what I have learned during those difficult periods is likely to resonate with firms today.

I learned a lot of lessons the hard way, but you don’t have to. I want to get in front of specific types of businesses of which I believe I can add immense value in terms of advice.

I want to offer in-depth one-to-one coaching to CEOs, MDs and Senior Executives and bring in a team of hand-picked associates to support on specific projects, to make sure businesses avoid the common mistakes, pitfalls and detrimental decisions so many other firms make at times like these.

Despite the current economic crisis and downturn, there is opportunity for business growth.

Direct one-to-one coaching

  • Identifying opportunities and risks
  • Identifying business process improvements
  • Navigating economic downturns
  • Recovery from recession
  • Developing company culture
  • Employee engagement
  • Staff development and training
  • Development of sales process

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