Company culture development

If companies are to improve their business performance and productivity, they need to look very closely at the attitude of their employees, that’s my belief.

You may have to make the decision to address poor attitudes before embarking on any new employee and improvement directive.

If you don’t remove the poor attitude problem first amongst your workforce, any enterprise-wide improvement initiatives – such as 5S, Lean, Six Sigma and Seven Wastes – are likely to fail or will not sustain themselves for long enough to reap any rewards.

If a business wants to continuously improve its performance and productivity, it needs to start by recruiting the right people with the right attitude.

This is not an easy process at all, because most companies already have a workforce when they realise, they need to change the culture. And companies should not waste time and money on training employees who have the wrong attitude towards change.

I have the experience and have seen the rewards of doing exactly this as a business owner. You have to find a way of changing people’s attitudes in order to keep continuously improving your business, and I’m ready to help you on that journey.

Invest in people to develop business culture and reap the rewards from continuous improvement programmes that focus on those people and watch how productivity benefits.

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