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Well-considered and strategic sales processes are critical for any successful business and in my experience, developing a methodology by which every sales prospect is quantified by ‘scoring traits’ is a must employ strategy to identifying and targeting the most ideal customers.

My own experience as a sales rep, manager, and successful business owner is influenced by some of the greatest industrial leaders of the past 60 years – some I even have the privilege of calling my earliest mentors. Encouraged by this experience and their teachings, alongside my passion for books about sales, productivity, and people-led business improvement; I have attained a holistic approach to developing sales processes that account for award-winning business successes.

One very important influence when I grew my own manufacturing firm to a turnover of £23 million and 230 employees, was the writings of Jeff Koser in his book ‘Selling to Zebras’.

The book teaches us that a methodology and process for identifying a company’s best prospects should utilise a very scientific and analytical model that can be used by any business.

I want to encourage businesses, especially as they face the challenges of covid-19 and recession that these teachings are as important now as ever.

There are common mistakes businesses make once uncertainty creeps in and as the previous owner of a business in the manufacturing sector for almost 40 years, I have the experience of navigating three different decade’s recessions, and still maintaining growth; therefore I can advise business leaders of today on how to avoid any pitfalls that will mirror those I navigated during my experience.

Cutting sales and marketing budgets for example, is one of the biggest critical errors management teams can make, followed closely by taking too long to get their financial matters and customer credit agreements in better order.

I want to show that by developing a concise and strategic sales process, even the most difficult periods for businesses are periods by which new opportunities can arise. I want to help and state that firms have someone they can trust to talk to during these difficult times.

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